Chemours Freon MO99 Refrigerant (R-438a), 25 lbs. Disposable Cylinder


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Item Number :2487049

UPC Code : 686114002026

UNSPSC Code : 24131513

Brand :The Chemours Company

Product Overview

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  • Freon MO99 (R-438A) combines R-22 pressure-enthalpy characteristics with mineral oil compatibility in a unique HFC refrigerant that can be used in R-22 replacement over a wide range of evaporator temperatures. This refrigerant does not require an equipment change and can be used with mineral oil, alkyl benzene or POE oil. Refrigerant gas, n.o.s. (1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane, Pentafluoroethane).
  • Replaces R22 in HVAC systems
  • Comparable energy performance to R22
  • No equipment change required
  • No oil change required