Focus 12 Wobble Wedges Soft White 75 Pack


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Item Number :302166

UPC Code : 36634700757

UNSPSC Code : 31162815

Brand :Focus 12 Inc

  • Precision engineered tapered shims with a rubber-like grip that easily conforms to uneven or curved shapes
  • Trim to fit with a scissors or utility knife
  • Five columns of offset ridges on both sides insure they are securely stackable and will not slip or twist apart under load
  • Cushion protect level stabilize tighten or silence anything that wobbles tilts or rattles
  • Use for stabilizing or installing wobbly toilets appliances glass panels and more
  • Works great as a self-cleaning glue spreader
  • Combine with Hard Wobble Wedges to create a non-slip clamping pad on an angled surface
  • Size LWH: 1" X 1-1/4" X 1/4"
  • Easy to trim
  • Securely stackable
  • Powerful no-slip grip
  • Grabbar for easy retrieval
  • Won't shrink or swell
  • Cushions and protects