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Garrison Evaporator Replacement Coil Replcoil05M


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Item Number :118511

UPC Code : 663132276257

UNSPSC Code : 40100000

Brand :Garrison


The Garrison REPLCOIL05M evaporator coil replaces the C3 C4 and C5 "C" width evaporator coils and current B4 and B5 "C" width Air Handlers (See below).

  • The microchannel coil designs provide equal water management and thermal performance results to the current standard tube and fin designs we have today. MicroChannel coils are also equal in heights compared to tube and fin coils. A big advantage of the microchannel coil designs is they eliminate both formicary corrosion and galvanic corrosion. In addition the microchannel coils reduce the weight of the coil by approximately half allowing for easier handling and servicing of units.
  • The New REPLCOIL's are shipped with a factory installed piston but can accept a TXV kit. These are the same TXV kits utilized on the C6 Flex Coils.
  • All connections for the TXV are mechanical.
  • When a TXV kit is installed it will raise the original liquid line approximately 2 inches so the liquid line will not match the existing hole in the door. Due to this we have added the optional "Tube Kits"; which includes a single new liquid line that will realign the new liquid line to the original door location. If the coil is installed as a piston application the Tube Kit is not applicable.Specifications:
  • Face Area (ft

2): 5.58

  • Rows: 3
  • Fins per Inch: 14
  • Factory Installed Orfice Size: 0.093
  • Width: 21-1/16"
  • Height: 25"
  • Liquid line connection: 3/8"
  • Suction Line Connection: 7/8"
  • R22 TXV kits:
  • 920666A - 4.0 Ton
  • 902667A - 5.0 Ton
  • R410a TXV kits:
  • 920672A - 4.0 Ton
  • 902673A - 5.0 Ton
  • Optional Tube kit:
  • 921737 - C28
  • Replaces:
  • Coils:
  • C4BA-*48U-C
  • C4BA-*60U-C
  • C5BA-*49U-C
  • C5BA-*60U-C
  • Air Handlers:
  • B4BM-*48K-C
  • B4VM-*60K-C
  • B5BM-*49K-C
  • B5BM-*60K-C
  • GB5BM-*60K-C