Kik Spade Bit Replacement Blade 1 Inch


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Item Number :823068

UPC Code : 843871012136

UNSPSC Code : 23241600

Brand :Tg Tools

  • The KIK Spade Bit is a multi function drill with the KIK point primarily designed for boring wood plastics and soft non-ferrous sheet metals
  • The shanks are universal "Quick Change" and mount firmly in a conventional chuck
  • With 6 cutting surfaces (instead of the usual 4) the KIK Spade bit gives exceptionally fast and last longer in wood and drywall
  • There is no tang to bend break or limit boring direction
  • Boring curved paths is now possible!
  • In sheet aluminum and copper holes are drilled with less heat and avoids drill 'sticking'
  • In plastic you will see the same clean cut as wood without melting or chip fusion and will experience less surface slippage than conventional drills
  • Set includes 1 each KIK HS Drill Bit 1/4 x6" and 1 each KIK Spade Bits 3/8" 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 7/8" 1" 1-1/4