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Liquid Fence Armadillo Repellent Concentrate Ready-To-Spray 1 Quart


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Item Number :2492367

UPC Code : 651124702853

UNSPSC Code : 10191500

Brand :Spectrum Brands

  • The Liquid Fence Ready-to-Use Armadillo Repellant can be used on lawns landscaped garden areas and flower beds
  • The formula covers up to 5000 sq ft. protecting your lawn or garden from persistent armadillos year-round
  • It's long lasting..
  • Our repellent is formulated to coat grubs insects mole crickets earthworms and small invertebrates the main sources of food for armadillos
  • This creates a very undesirable meal forcing these destructive nuisances to look elsewhere for food
  • Non-gelling means non-clogging..
  • This product will keep your hose-end or tank sprayer clog-free at temperatures as low as 33 degree Fahrenheit -much lower than other armadillo repellents that will gel and clog at average well water temperature!