Niagara Ada-Compliant Flapperless Elongated Toilet Bowl


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Item Number :581101

UPC Code : 732291222617

UNSPSC Code : 30181511

Brand :National Brand Alternative


This revolutionary toilet bowl is the most technologically advanced one of its kind. It uses no flexible sealing parts normally subject to deterioration. Its advanced design also eliminates the following:

  • Leaks
  • Tank Sweat
  • Double Flushing
    • One Flush Empties the Bowl
  • Maintenance
    • No Flapper Chain or Lever to Replace

Water Efficiency

The unique tipping bucket design of this bowl works every time and allows the unit to out-flush 3.5-gallon toilets. Its design also provides a permanent 1.6 GPF that substantially decreases water consumption and bills immediately!

Huge Footprint

Measuring 11" x 20" this toilet bowl is designed to cover replacements and fit 10- and 12-inch rough-ins. Its large tank fills the space left by a toilet that was removed without any necessary wall touchup.

Warranty Information

Niagara toilets aren't interchangeable with other manufacturers' units. This unit's components however are covered with a 5-year warranty. There is also a lifetime warranty on the porcelain for this unit.