Sylvania 150-Watt Equivalent T12 Energy Saving CFL Light Bulb Cool White (12-Case)


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Item # 2489208

Sylvania Part # 24004

UPC Code 046135240041

Product Overview

SYLVANIA branded 40 watt T12, CURVALUME rapid start fluorescent lamp. This lamp has 6" leg spacing, and is made with Rare Earth phosphor. The color is 4100K CCT and 87 CRI. VIVID Color: High CRI for color critical applications.

  • T12
  • Med BiPin
  • 18,000 hours life
  • Curvalume
  • The lamp should not be in contact with any surface of the luminaire (applies to either high frequency or 60Hz ballasted systems).
  • The distance between any parts of the lamp and any conductive surface of the luminaire should not be less than 3 mm (applies to all high frequency ballasted systems).