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Thermacote Ceramic Coating Oyster No. 42 5 Gallons


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Item Number :1030550

UPC Code : 856893005208

UNSPSC Code : 31211502

Brand :Thermacote Inc.

  • High performance water based acrylic Thermal/Weather Barrier which incorporates ceramic technology combined with 100% adhesion to seal against water and air infiltration
  • It is fluid applied and is typically applied at 15 to 20 mils per coat
  • When dry ThermaCote looks like flat latex paint
  • Energy Star Qualified product / Energy Star Partner
  • MAS Green Certified - Passes California Indoor Air Quality Standards for both Classrooms & Offices
  • UL Class A Fire Retardant - 0 (zero) flame spread ; 5 smoke development (UL-723 Test)
  • Virtually no VOCs -1.186 g/l - Water based latex acrylic formulation that is friendly to the environment
  • 5 pounds per gallon (<2.5 kilos per 4 liters) in its wet stage
  • Breathable Vapor Barrier - allows moisture to escape from behind it also retards Water Infiltration
  • Air Barrier -Seals the Envelope of any structure making existing insulation perform closer to its rated R-value
  • Cool Roofs Rating Council (CRRC) - Rated product
  • Self-Priming
  • Reduces or eliminates Expansion and Contraction
  • Reduces or eliminates Condensation
  • Has Low Shrinkage
  • High Solar Reflectance
  • High Emittance
  • Low Dry Fall Rate
  • Foam Encapsulator / UV Blocker
  • Apply to surfaces as hot as 300 degree F (with special training)
  • Base Color is Max White Brightness
  • Apply ThermaCote to: modular classrooms mobile homes primer/topcoat on sheetrock plastic concrete steel containers