Zurn Qestpex Tubing 1/2 Inch X 100 Ft. Coil White


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Item Number :421132

UPC Code : 84169483904

UNSPSC Code : 40141914

Brand :Zurn


Zurn PEX tubing's versatility makes it perfect for many residential commercial and industrial applications. It not only meets ASTM standards but goes well beyond these requirements. Zurn PEX will handle all normal temperatures and pressures for residential potable water systems and radiant floor heating applications. Zurn PEX tubing stays flexible at all temperatures. It is easy to install year round. Zurn PEX tubing is practically inert. Nothing sticks to it. This means Zurn PEX resists mineral buildup rust corrosion and electrolysis. Zurn PEX piping can be connected to galvanized copper polybutylene and CPVC systems with standard Zurn fittings.

  • Lightweight and flexible -easy to handle and work with.
  • Freeze damage resistant -able to expand and avoid costly ruptures.
  • Resistant to electrolysis and poor water quality.
  • 25-yr warranty Made in the USA